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1762 Catherine II becomes Czarina/Russia
1770 Cook discovers New South Wales
1776 America declares independence
1789 Geo. Washington 1st USA president
1789 French Revolution begins
1696 Peter the Great becomes Czar
1700 Britain's american colonies prosper
1707 Union Act unites England/Scotland
1712 Religious warfare in Switzerland
1740 War of Austrian Succession begins
1640 Portugal gains independence/Spain
1642 Civil war England/Scotland/Ireland
1660 Restoration of monarchy, Britain
1665 Great plague of London
1666 Great Fire of London
 Christian Scholler
 Johan Didrik Gruner
 b.1661 Oslo,  Norway
 d.1712 Soro,  Denmark
 Gustav Gruner
 b.          Saeby,  Sweden
 d.1763 Oslo,  Norway
 Ebba Cathrina Kurck
 d.1688 Vesterby,  Sweden
 Ebba Ovidia Gruner
 b.1720 Copenhagen,  Denmark
 d.1793 Odense,  Denmark
 Ove Vind
 Sophie Amalie Vind
 b.1698 Toten,  Norway
 d.1722 Copenhagen,  Denmark
 Ahlette Margretha Dorn